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Thursday, February 7th, 2008 1:15 PM

Selmer Ovation Cell Therapy





I am very proud to serve on the board of directors for the YMP~ Please check out

Saxophone Repairs - By Manny at The Horn Connection in Hollywood, CA 


Dance instruction/choreography by Lisa Solar-

Jessy's doctors


Saxes Soprano

• Selmer Mark VI


• Selmer Mark VI


• Selmer Balanced Action

• Selmer Super Action 80 series II


• Selmer Super Balanced Action



• Custom John Riley Mouthpiece


• Frank Morgan Excalibur Mouthpiece (work by John Riley)


• Otto Link 7*


• Otto Link 8* 

BG Harness Neckstrap

Tenor Saxophones Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Otto link 7* mouthpiece Selmer Ligature Rico Plasticover Reeds Size 2 (when I first started playing Tenor I went to the “TRANE” default settings and I ended up really loving it!!) Tenor Saxophones SELMER Mark VI Otto link 7* mouthpiece Winslow Ligature Rico Jazz Select 2.5/ 3 (The reason I have two tenors is that one is my primary travel/touring horn. The other is my most favorite instrument in the World that I only use in town for studio and local performances. I call my Mark VI tenor the “Stan Getz”) Alto Saxophone Selmer Mark VI Morgan Excalibur mouthpiece ( with work done by John Riley) Harrison Ligature Rico Jazz Select Reeds size 3 Rico Plasticover Reeds size 2.5 (The reason I have 2 different reed set ups is for indoor vs. outdoor playing. It’s common for Jazz Festivals to be outdoors and I have found that the plasticover reeds are more consistent in windy, rainy or humid climates. I love to use the natural cane reeds for indoor shows) Soprano Saxophone Selmer Mark VI John Riley custom mouthpiece Bay ligature Rico Jazz Select size 3 (I went back and forth quite a bit on finding the perfect soprano mouthpiece- I was looking for something with a rich round tone that could flexibly crossover between classical and jazz genres. I ended up having a custom piece made by John Riley in Los Angeles.) Baritone Saxophone Selmer Super Balanced Action Otto Link *8 Otto Link Ligature Bari plasticover Reed size 2.5 *All of my saxes have their original Laquer ☺