Jessy J


Thursday, April 30th, 2015 11:30 AM

"amazing artistry 

"in the jazz world Jessy J has certainly become one of the genre’s most innovative young voices 
"Soulful, sophisticated and just plain cool" ~Celebrity Cafe
"Capricious... warm on the skin like a soothing spring breeze " ~First View
"seductive, relaxed~AXS 
"Exotic and truly magical"~The Smooth Jazz Ride
"instant classic"
"gregarious flautist" ~The Urban Music Scene
"The Reigning Queen of Contemporary Tenor Saxophone"
~Woodwind & Brasswind Magazine
“soulful saxophone sounds…”~ Monroe Evening News
"Jessy's had a gangbuster career already, scoring back-to-back hits, #1 Song of the Year and a #1 Billboard Album in 2011, five years after making her debut she's back with her highly anticipated Self Produced album entitled Second Chances." ~Jazz in the M.E.E. Magazine
"One of the hottest names in contemporary jazz  right now, mesmerizing audiences all over the world" ~Time Out Magazine (Japan)
"Jessy J had the crowd on their feet dancing along to her Latin jazz set"   ~Austin
"it's no wonder that J is a rising star on the international music scene appealing to both smooth jazz and Latin audiences." ~All Music Guide
“The Hot New Heroine of Contemporary Jazz” ~The Sax Magazine (Japan)
"Entertaining from beginning to end Jessy unveiled her manifold qualities as a musician, composer, arranger and producer. Respect!" ~First Review
"Superb" ~Smooth Jazz Therapy
"musical mastery" ~Smooth Jazz Magazine
Jessy combines samba, bossa nova, and cumbia with floating melodies and delicious grooves." ~Latina Magazine
"Jessy J reflects glamour & feminine strength" ~People Espanol
“mega-talented” ~Smooth Jazz Ride
"Few musicians, no matter the musical genre, have made as powerful of an immediate impact as this talented multi-instrumentalist and composer." ~Saxophone Journal Magazine
" the instrumental and vocal songs that fuel Jessy's albums with both Latin influences as well as mainstream jazz come to her as effortlessly as a spray of Latin samba capping a jazz wave. And it's a tide that seems set to keep on going." ~Gainesville Sun
“expressive innovator busy setting trends…” ~ALL ABOUT JAZZ
“True Love demonstrates that Jessy has talent, chops, and originality, projecting a sound and identity of her own"  ~ALL Music Guide
"chart-topping performer, who headlines the inaugural Tioga JazzFest on Sunday, draws on such a wealth of influences and background that it's akin to sewing a seamless, eye-catching tapestry despite using enough colors fill to a large box of Crayola Crayons." ~Gainesville Sun
"Jessy J oozes Jazz. She looks stunning, she moves sexy, she sings smooth and she can really handsomely honk her horn; what's not to like?" ~Montecito Journal
Jessy’s rise to the top has been the product of a lot of hard work and a never ending focus on accomplishing her goals." ~Latina Style Magazine
“her signature style-effortlessly smooth, sassy, Latin-flavored, virtuoso –is very much in evidence. Anyone that has seen her high- energy live performances knows that the young super star is always ready to go. From the downbeat, she is engaging.. ~Tucson Lifestyle Magazine
Jessy J, “evokes the sun kissed shores of Bahia and further conjures moonlit fantasies of a romantic rendezvous set against a tropical backdrop” ~Jazziz
“Top New Artist of 2008” ~ Radio & Records
No. 1 song of the Year (Smooth Jazz 2008) ~Billboard
Debut Artist of the Year (2008) ~Jazztrax Radio
Hot Artist ~Billboard
" (Jessy) shows off an individual voice and a gift for melodic improvisation..." 
-All Music Guide
“pleasing melodies, sexy-sultry sound, jazz instincts come alive… flawless… This new talent has staying power.”  ~Jazz times 
"Aside from bringing her luminous smile, sultry tenor- and soprano-sax playing, and sensual singing to the mix, Jessy is single-handedly expanding the demographic boundaries of smooth jazz in two directions." ~Jazziz
“increasing the boundaries of jazz both musically and demographically” ~Jazziz  
“revolutionizing jazz” as a young Latina ~ People Espanol
"Excellent...strong...pleasant...gifted" -Billboard Music
"Multi-talented...break through...dazzilng...special! " -Urban Music Scene
 "The sexiest sax player... ever."  ~Boward Times 
"Sax Sensation!"  
 "the Jessy J sound is what will end up getting you. She soulfully caresses a supremely beautiful tone and feeling out of her instrument, whether it´s her tenor, soprano, flute or voice..." 
"Jazz Sensibilities…Stand Out…" - Jazz Times Magazine
"Sexy….Soulful…Irresistible…Incredible" - Smooth Jazz monthly
"Delightful…top notch..." -Smooth Jazz vibes
“Jazz is always changing to whatever is in fashion…When I’m writing a song I’m thinking, ‘How will this sound 10 years from now?’”  ~Arizona Daily Star
"The emerging saxophonist/singer has struck a tenuous balance with both traditional and contemporary jazz. She professes love for both. And with her impressive live performances and vocal prowess, she’s captured a loyal following."  ~Ventura County Reporter
"As I listen to TEQUILA MOON, I wonder if this is how I´d have felt on a first listen to, say, Boney James, or Dave Koz, or Grover Washington, Jr., and I´m thinking, "yes" because she´s that good! This is one of those cases where you just know… from the music and delivery to her personal drive and dedication to excellence… there is absolutely no stopping this empowered performer. Join us in watching her Smooth Jazz star rise to the absolute top! " -Smooth
" (Jessy) shows off an individual voice and a gift for melodic improvisation..."
-All Music Guide
"Sax Sensation!" 
"the Jessy J sound is what will end up getting you. She soulfully caresses a supremely beautiful tone and feeling out of her instrument, whether it´s her tenor, soprano, flute or voice..."
“This CD has a hot, exotic, latin feel to it & also provides us an in depth look into the talents of Ms. J!…the project goes after an appreciation for Latin Jazz music & great smooth grooves...”
“Sexy & Sensual” -Urban Music Scene
"Fresh…Sexy…Up- Start" -Peak records